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Why bother with this blog? Because you will not find this material anywhere else!

I have literally spent 40 years in the wilderness, thinking it through, coherently, systematically,

consulting with rabbis, clergy, philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, mystics . . . until its

basic schemata was solid.


This whole issue of “God” is very very dangerous. The fact is NO ONE knows if God exists, or

what God might be— in toto—- IF God does exist.

By the way, I personally BELIEVE God exists.

But, I must, objectively distinguish belief from reality, which has been a real problem for religions.

It is my experience that what we CAN agree on, is the EXPERIENCE OF GOD, and that experience can be shared, and understood, and is similar (but not always the same.) Furthermore, that Experience, can be adapted for “historical” ways of living (progressive, evolutionary cultures) such as the Hebrews, and then  its flowerings, Jewish, Christian and Islam.

The Experience of God is the essential spiritual foundation to today’s world secular approach to history as well. Prophetic!

What is necessary, in thought, word and deed, to produce an experience of GOOD— not just for yourself, but for all future generations, and all nations on earth?  This is the ESSENCE of HEBREW SPIRITUALITY! Whether you believe in God or not, the experience of COVENANT is accessible. It is built into Life. By awakening this, it leads to an approach to Jewish thought, I call  “Universal Judaism”, which can be a healthy, contemporary foundation to renovate all contemporary biblically-based religions, as well as the entire world culture which is based somewhat on Jewish thought (which is slightly, I think, distorted, due to circumstances.)

I’d appreciate your input and the challenge of your thinking.


Rabbi Michael Shevack