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I think that it would be best to summarize where Universal Judaism
is, based on the previous 4 blogs.

First, thanks to everyone who has become interested in this, I think,
revolutionary movement. I hope to be able to speak to you all in person,
or, if not, by e-mail

or by Skype: michaelshevack

What Universal Judaism is about it is the re-rooting of Western Civilization,
and World Culture, upon a correct spiritual understanding of Judaism, without
the divisive “covenantalism” that divides religious groups, or the excessive
claims-of-authority and “revelation” upon which such divisive covenantalization
and the errors of Western culture were founded.

Western Civilization has been built on an, in part, false understanding of Jews and Judaism. Universal Judaism wants to correct that, once and for all.

Universal Judaism is spiritual.

There are laws of God that are, relatively fixed. These fixed relationships are built into the way Life is designed. These can be discerned operating within Creation. Universal Judaism teaches a methodology, simple and easy, by which we can learn how to spiritually-integrate ourselves with this “TRUE TORAH”.

By doing so, one experiences GOOD or GOD. One experiences increased Unity and
Goodness which is the Sublime Nature of The One God: Hear (or Harken) O Israel,
To the Lord. The Lord is Our God. The Lord is One. Learn to obey (from the Latin, hear) the Laws that govern Life on earth, and one experiences God’s Blessings not God’s curses. One experiences Good not Bad.

This is the living-meaning (not the religious meaning) of Deuteronomy 6:4, where
we find these sacred verses.

Universal Judaism does not claim that any ecclesiastical hierarchy possesses, in and of themselves, authority. Although hereditary spiritual lineages do exist, they ONLY exist, when the person who has been the recipient opens up his/her own direct connection to God, by which this lineage is activated, enlivened and made living.

So the mere title “rabbi” means little. Judge a rabbi by whether their words
correspond to Reality, whether, as in a scientific experiment, they are predictive
of “How life Works”. The criterion is never tradition alone! Never!! That is cultic,
indeed, idolatrous! Nor, is the criterion, academic, though a certain amount of book knowledge and formal learning is very valuable, and essential, to communicate culture, history and spiritual arts.

The task of learning how to forge a living alignment with God, Creation, and Humankind, is the process of experiencing the Mystery of Covenant. It is accessible to Jew and non-Jew alike, though each may have different historical visions, on the order of faith. Yet, the basic experience of Covenant is identical!!!!

Why? Because God did not give the Covenant to Israel. God gave the Covenant to
humankind THROUGH Israel (and others too.) “God gave” means: God granted
us the capacity to discern God’s Laws in Creation, and consciously-govern and
align ourselves according to them. We can do this consciously, because, we have
free will!!

Upon all of this, the entirety of Universal Judaism is founded. It is remarkably
simple— though, explaining it can seem complicated, because I am unknotting
so much bad learning and entrenched false beliefs from the era past.

It’s time for a fresh light! A clear view! A rational view! The Laws of God
are there in secular life and religious life, equally!!!! It’s time to not be modern,
but beyond-modern!!!!

The Spiritual Reality which is the Experience of God awaits everyone!
This is the True Authority upon which Universal Judaism is based.

Are you ready for the adventure?