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#9 Breeding a nation (or nations) of teachers to transform the world.

Hope everyone has been well after Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur.

For me, it’s been quite a difficult time; it seems as if everyone is collapsing around me.  More visits to hospitals. More serious problems from the community.

I wonder sometimes whether it is the expectation of the holiday that contributes to this, and not mere happenstance.


My cousin, Travis Garber, in South Africa, just died on of all days, Yom Kippur.

I don’t think this was happenstance, because he was trying so very hard to get back to his “authentic self”.


This personal stuff aside, let’s continue with our survey of the practical advantages of Universal Judaism. We all need to get back to our authentic selves, and this is the purpose of this perspective:


As a summary so far:


  1. Universal Judaism is Truth-based


  1. Universal Judaism is non-idolatrous


  1. Universal Judaism avoids polarized thinking


  1. Universal Judaism values individuality


  1. Universal Judaism is primarily a “living morality” and most, secondarily, a legal “system”.


  1. Universal Judaism is not faith-based but knowledge-based.


  1. Universal Judaism provides direct experience of Providence/Grace.


  1. Universal Judaism produces that experience called “God”.


And now we add, #9:


  1. Universal Judaism can breed or re-breed a nation (or nations) of teachers to transform the world.


After the horrific excesses of fascism in the previous era, where there

were attempts to breed a superior race, the thought of breeding brings up a

distasteful feeling.  Curiously, Hitler’s “game plan” was terrifyingly similar to

classic Orthodox Judaism:  a chosen bloodline, linked to a chosen nation, linked

to a chosen country, under a “messiah” who unites the world, linking human

civilization and nature under God.


To this day, we continue to witness breeding selection within many Jewish camps; today, since the Roman invasion, the legal requirement is the religion of the mother. This can be quite appalling to many liberal Jewish camps, which fill their ranks with patrimonially-descended children. Moreover, in the U.S. over 50% of the ranks of Jews come from converts.


What is a convert? This is at the core of the problem. A person who freely-assents to “becoming Jewish”, and then adheres to the laws of the community? Is this what makes a “Jew”?


How is it possible that an “assent” to be a Jew, i.e. a desire, can transfigure a body, so that it belongs to a tribe into which it was not born. Remember, the Hebrews were tribal!  Such a ritual implies a metaphysical assumption that thought and matter, including the physical body, interact and can change the nature of a genetic sub-phyllum.  (Such a metaphysical assumption, by the way, is implicit in the Catholic Mass, where the tissue and blood of a Jew is

incorporated! )


In the past, we did not even conceive of any mechanism by which such a free-assented breeding could take place. But such a mechanism exists now. It’s called epigenetics, and it makes a good sense out of a lot of liberally-condemned “superstitions”, which were previously-pious traditionalisms. A full discussion of the implications of epigenetics is beyond the scope of this little article.


Moreover today, there is no single “law” of a community. Both criteria, metaphysical and legal are not in their correct place. “Jewish” is a formalism.

Not without value, by the way, but it is a formalism, more based in our thoughts than in the Reality of God and Creation.


How can one breed from these two criteria, when these two criteria have missed the mark?


The question IS God-breeding!!! Israel is not a “state”, a governing body within some kind of borders. We are not a mere country, from the Middle English, meaning “conflict”, where we exalt our own powers, and contend with others.  Israel is a nation!!!  A spiritual people.  A family!!!  Indeed, all humankind is this, and Israel is just paradigmatic for the entirety.


A true Hebrew-inspired nation integrates, soul, mind, body, spirit, together with others, and all Life and Creation, in a single continuous breeding of human potential, i.e. HISTORY!!  That’s a nation!  A true nation!  Not the common ordinary “nation” around us these days.


Through Universal Judaism one learns to conduct one’s life spiritually, in way that all relationships, including breeding, are inspired and guided. The correct relationships that lead to love, mating and breeding can be guided and cultured, in order to re-form, on a true spiritual and natural foundation, a Peoplehood of God, which is what Israel is, in its core essence!


Mark my words: Such an inspired breeding can only take place under inspiration.  No religious breeding program or any mere-mortal assigning of the right mates, can achieve a true breeding of the Unity of God and Creation through a historical people.  This is not achievable by the unaided human mind alone. Indeed, even if it is well intended it will often collapse, or worse, breed a fascist view of the purpose of human life, a perversion of Creation.


Universal Judaism, because it is based upon universal prophetic criteria and not upon the mere formalisms of religion remaining from a contentious age, can re-breed a living, prophetic historical people from many, many stocks.


There are “Jews” who come from “Christian” stock. There are Jews who come from New Age stock. There are Jews who come from previous modes of Jewish stock. All of this is valuable information and knowledge, encoded in their flesh. But, such knowledge needs to be opened up to Something Larger, Bigger, the Origin of all Creation and Life, which, for lack of better word is “God”. After all, does anyone exist bodily in a vacuum? We all exist within the ALL that is, and we serve THAT! That’s the Hebrew perspective that underscores all Jewish-derived religious viewpoints.


Unless there is true prophetic insight, there is no way to discern the right patterns of relationship to guide people in their lives and in the formations of their families.

There is no way to discern right patterns of relationship that are critical to enlightened government.


The culturing of such prophetic insights, which is the specialty of Universal Judaism, is absolutely necessary if we are going to generate the next stage of Jewish life—- way beyond the formalisms of religion—- all the way to a true Unified-Life, where the human family reflects God, Creation and the unified-purpose of humankind, with its dominion in tact and flourishing.


Read Genesis carefully, and you will see it is all about breeding. Indeed, the morality and the breeding is inseparable!  We are not talking about “morals”, some kind of “code” to live by, which determines so-called “salvation”. Not at all!!  We are talking about the breeding, in the body, of purified minds and bodies, which together with others, and correctly exercising dominion upon the planet, can fulfill the plan of human history, which IS what Judaism is about, and has always been about.


Discerning the correct relationships between people, including the intimacy of procreation? There is no way we can consciously achieve this without the prophetic insights required to witness “How Life Works”.


But, rest assured—- it is always going on!!! This kind of breeding is taking place subconsciously all the time. It happens through attractions.  It happens in subtle ways that the individuals don’t know.  People are attracted to whom they are attracted to.  The question is, whether we are breeding a Hebrew culture or a

so-called “pagan” culture. Whether we are breeding a historical continuity within nature, or we are breeding a naturalist culture, without the critical importance of history.


History does not stand a shot unless there is a community that is breeding the correct relationships between God, Creation and Humankind into their very children.


That’s what makes Jews!


That’s what makes Universal Judaism so critical!  It is holding the truth of the necessity for correct breeding. But, it is denying the current religious-legal criterion as being the criterion.  It does not fit into any of the established religious camps.


A People!!!


Breeding a People of God, that includes all peoples? Well, some may think that covenant is only for Jews, but, I think a more careful reading of the Torah, will reveal completely the opposite.


It’s a breeding experiment!! Not from Mengele.


But from God! With a little help from Universal Judaism.


Blessings to all.