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Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

It is Passover, a season of transformation for Jews, and increasingly for

Christians. It is also Easter, a season of transformation for Christians, and

potentially for all human beings who believe. And, common to both, well, it’s just

springtime, when we throw off the servitude and coldness and obdurateness of

winter and permit new growth.


Why does Passover and Easter come at Springtime? Why is it that so-called

“religious” holidays always seem to hover-back to the seasons?


The reason is, is that religion is made up. Yes, we need to admit that. Religion is

a human invention, no matter how inspired. The seasons, the earth, the cycling of the planet around the sun, is not a human invention.


It is important to take this in. There is an unfortunate enslavement of the mind

that can take place when we believe the truth of religion, but, out-of-context

with creation. There is a dangerous enslavement of human spirit, when we

trust mortal authorities– no matter how seemingly powerful or spiritually-graced–-

out of context with The All . . . Existence, Reality, The One, the Being of All, The Lord, God, Nature, Divine Nature, whatever words you use for it.


This is the fundamental lesson of Passover.


Now none of us know, outside of scripture, that the Passover actually took place.

There is no external record of there being an actual Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. There is evidence, in the stele of Merneptah, that Jews were enslaved in Egypt;  that is the only extra-testament validation of that. So, there is some reason to believe that the recordings in scriptures have some factual basis.


But, even if they do not, this does not stop the story– fact or fiction– from teaching a critical spiritual Truth. Universal Judaism does not worry about the factuality of the Bible;  we are more concerned about the TRUTH of it.


Pharaoh was a powerful being. He consolidated, under his consciousness, enormous power over the land and its harvest. He garnered whole groups of

Individuals  and  tribes, for his inventions, the pyramids.


However,  Pharaoh was not his own power. His power was not derived from himself alone.  Any power that he did had, was drawn from a Source which was no less than the Source of Power that the Israelites could draw upon.


We often forget that the reason the Israelites were in Egypt to begin with, was because there was a famine. They went to Egypt to eat.


But, the question must be asked:  “After they ate, and after the famine cleared from Canaan, why did they stay?”


You see, that’s what happens to us. We fall in under a power for protection from hardship— some government, some dictator, some potentate—- but, after the problem disappears, we remain addicted to them as the distributor of God’s Power, when in fact, we ourselves are also distributors.


Moreover, we forget that a distributor of God’s Gifts of Creation is not the Origin of it. That is why the God of Israel– THE CREATOR– demonstrates a Power over natural forces–  through frogs, locust, blights, etc– which is incontrovertibly Authoritative:  More authoritative than Pharaoh. Avenues and distributors are not God. To think they are, is Pharaohanic theology.


When Israel overstayed its welcome, their enormous political power under Joseph turned into a dreadful reminder of the fact that they were strangers in a strange land. Enslavement was internal:  They had become terrified, through starvation, and were fearful of not being in Egypt, forgetful of their covenant. Enslavement was external:  they had become terrified through starvation, and were fearful of not being in Egypt, and forgetful of their covenant. Do you see?

The inner Reality reflected in the outer Reality.


The enslavement comes when we forget ourselves and sell ourselves to idols, out of fear.


The most irritating thing about Hebrews to the world is that we are always mistrusting of idols like Pharaohs.  We don’t worship Caesar. We don’t worship Stalin. We don’t worship Antiochus. We don’t worship Pharaohs. We don’t worship Jesus. We don’t worship the avenue of Power. We worship the Power itself, as it may express through all is various expressions;  but, no one expression is ever considered the Power Itself Alone.


Take in the inherent democracy of Israelite thought!!  We all are creations of the one Creator, co-equally.


The Hebrew consciousness is free; it is free of all mortal authority systems. We learned the lesson the hard way, brick by brick. We are so free of mortal authority systems that Jews cannot even be contained by their own religions. Once invented, the religions live out their purpose, and then become another Pharaoh, from which Jews, in more contemporary times, liberate themselves. Secular life becomes more spiritual than religious life, more authentically Hebrew!


No finite system, no governmental system, nothing conceived by man, can contain the human Spirit. No authority but THE AUTHORITY is AUTHORITY.


Now you know the secret of the success of the Jews!  We simply look beyond.

We always look beyond. Any situation which is limiting, we look beyond.

Any situation which is painful, we look beyond.


There is always BEYOND.


Even if you don’t believe that the waters ACTUALLY parted, nonetheless, you MUST believe that there is always BEYOND.


Why must we believe this?  Is this a fantasy?


No, it’s an experiment, an experience in Life!


Try it out:


For three weeks, believe in limitation. Trust it. Believe and act as if everyone who who tells you something is your lord and master. Do just what they say. Have no regard for yourself.  And watch what happens to your life. Watch how you, by worshipping others, how you create a living hell for yourself.


After that, try believing in no limitation:


ACT AS IF you always have something BEYOND— that any advice someone gives you, is not the totality of knowledge— SEEK MORE, SEEK MORE—- you will notice that–– ila v’ilul– cause and effect–  that you sow and reap a Life which is not limited, where, even if you do have a nightmarish enslavement to some Pseudo-Authority, you are delivered from it.


Try it. Test Life. Learn this fundamental spiritual lesson for yourself. Then, you can go back to scripture, fact or fiction, and see the Truth there for yourself, expressed through an ancient tale.


Whether you are a  Christian who refuses to accept the death of a Jew as a limitation, but instead sees it as an indication of Beyond.  Whether you are a Jew who refuses  to accept the enslavement of Jews, as a limitation from beyond.

Whether you are a secular person, stuck in a very nasty business deal, but refuse to believe that there is no win-win solution.  Whether you are just a cold, frozen person yearning for some spring and some sun . . .


It makes no difference.



Think Beyond.


That’s the way to live RIGHT HERE!!!


Why? Because God IS here. The Beyond is Life!  And we Live in it.

The Living God is all around us, including us.


Happy  Passover. And Happy  Unlimitations  to everyone