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Western History & the Jews

I’m sitting here with wife Teddy at the Patton estate in Hamilton Massachusetts.

This is the estate that was owned by General George S. Patton, the liberator of Europe (and the concentration camps), in World War II. His wife Beatrice lived

here while he was away at war.


The house was taken over by his son, Major General George S. Patton, and his lovely wife Joanne.  It is Joanne who gave us a place to stay to take in the beaches in Hamilton.


This event— the rise of Fascism, especially Hitler, the rise of communism in the Soviet Union, the collision with Jews, the “root” of “Christendom”, i.e. Western civilization— and the subsequent rise of  U.S-style democracy as the dominant world power in Western civilization— is very powerful, because it is very prophetic. Yes, prophetic!


We often think about “history”, as something “outside” you that victimizes you. It’s not that at all.  History is not created by something “outside you”, as if it is some lumbering power we cannot control (and admittedly, we all feel that way).  History is created as a world-event in our shared life no differently than the events in our life are created by us:  they are thoughts;  they are desires;

they are creative-causes that have creative-effect.


So, here is this watershed event in a nutshell:


  1. Human civilization, Western civilization, (including to a lesser extent Rabbinic Theology, which did have checks and balances because of our

Torah) developed a religious perspective which was inseparable from

the dominion of mind over matter and mind over other life forms.

This is biblical. However, it became distorted by Roman beliefs, which allow rapacious ownership—- domination, not dominion— not very kosher.


  1. In the above “theology’, tinged by anti-Jewishness by Rome, the Jews

were identified as “flesh”, a covenant “as to the flesh”, rather than the

superior “as to the spirit”.  The dialectic of history made us a component

of someone else’s mind:  this is military and cultural domination. Even with

the wave of democratization and the inclusion of the Jew, this attitude

still remained.


While this was going on, we stayed in our synagogues, and prayed.

And prayed, seeding the world with our desire to return to our land

and eventually re-build our Temple.


  1. Meanwhile democracy in the U.S. had recapitulated the thought-structure

of Israel’s teaching—- where there is direct relationship between EACH

INDIVIDUAL and God, unmediated. They called this “rights endowed

by the Creator”. They inherited this from the European Enlightenment

which arose out of the excesses of the authoritarianism of Catholic

and Protestant Europe, adding back in a Jewish component to Christian



  1. So— we have “mind over matter/life” as one current.

And we have Jews subordinated as matter/life


So, we have democracy, reinstating Jewish teachings, in its American



  1. Here we now add capitalism, which in its Roman excess, without

respect for human dignity and our living world, spawned its

corrective opposite in an extreme collectivism, communism.  The fear of the breakdown of the entire system, lead to the rise of fascism.


  1. The fascism of Hitler attempted to restore the pagan Roman empire.

It was anti-Jewish, therefore.  It was also ant-religion, Jewish and

Christian. Hitler aimed at destroying the religion of guilt, which he

was suffering from, probably in extreme sexual difficulties, if recent

research indicates. Getting rid of “religion”,  he institutes Nature as

God in a distorted Darwinian socialist form. He also continued

“history” be declaring dominion over nature in the form of

breeding experiments— genetic manipulation.


  1. So— to #4 above, we now add, tearing down rigid religions and

laws, that produce guilt. Sounds like Protestantism?  Reform Judaism?

Secular culture? Huh? The reinstatement of Nature as God, rather than

the Law-Giver God of “Guilt”.


  1. Now—- at a certain point in history—- the U.S. enters the war.

We win, thanks to General Patton.


The nett product of all these thoughts is:  Western civilization, lead by the U.S. (which is essentially Jewish), annihilates the Romanisms of Hitler, and save real Jews from the effects of this infection of Western civilization.


The nett product is that religious morality was affirmed, loosely, in the form of

secular democratic law, our “Protestant” inheritance, as the foundation of our nation states.


After the war—- all the domination of matter / life—- which was Roman, got freed up. Now there was women’s liberation, gay liberation, ecological movements, gurus from “nature cultures” coming in from the east. And yes, the return of the Jews to LAND.  All the analogues of nature came back.  And we are living this today.


All this took place when General George S. Patton walked over Europe, and set the continent free.


The war of mind / matter-life still continues. There are forces that actually believe this to be identical to the sacred history of the Jew, when it is in fact, Roman.

America is now guilty of it, too, even though it had been, Jewish nation that it is, is essentially founded on “natural law”, essential-Torah.


We are entitled to dominion, as our Torah specifies. We are human. We are creative individual beings.  Not just mere animals. We are not entitled to domination. This is not a world created by us. It is a world created by Something Larger.


Thanks to General Patton for clearing the war so something new could start.

Let’s hope we don’t bring back the war, now that we see a resurgence of rapacious capitalism, a resurgence of Soviet-style collectivism under the name of “Russia”.


Blessings to all.