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The holiday of Purim, I find rather curious.


First, there is little historical data that it was actually based upon a true story; it appears more legendary, though based upon historical personages.


Second, it teaches the complete opposite from standard Jewish teachings. Indeed, it’s OK, for a Jewish woman to marry a non-Jewish man!!!! (LOL!) Provided, as in the case of Esther, you’re marrying a king, and it can save your people. (MORE LOL!) You’d be amazed at how this curious anomaly in the story is never ever noticed!!!!


Third, because although people spend a lot of time reading the Megillah, they actually don’t READ the Megillah.


The story of Esther is one of the most cogent, most brilliant, descriptions about the relationship between politics and sexuality, ever written. If the conquest of Europe was accomplished by Napoleon for his Josephine, if the conquest of Canaan was facilitated by Abraham and his Sarah— the perversions and tumult of history is made up of husbands being psychologically castrated by their wives, whether Vashti or Zeresh (Haman’s wife), which they then, overcompensate for— causing governmental instability, violence and war, all in the name of proving their egos inviolate.


If one takes a close look at the story of Esther, one will see the sexual dynamic behind history. Sex and history?  Of course.  The breeding of peoples into a single lineage, such as the Hebrew people, is bio-political!  Yes, bio-political.  Because of the contamination of Christian thinking, we tend to think of history as a movement of ideas or thoughts—proclaimed “in faith”— in the name or the ideal of Jesus.  And yet, politics is biological, and the True “Jesus”, includes his body, or his “incarnation” as a Christian might say. (He is a Jew!)


As the rabbis of Blessed Memory said (and I paraphrase): The outcome of our world depends upon the right relationship of man and woman.


When Vashti spurns the King, the king spurns Vashti. His sovereignty– his Power Under God is weakened by his sexual idolatry to his wife. He attempts (like any contemporary man after a divorce who wants a hot red car, and a babe) to repair it with Esther, but, the container is broken. Ahaseurus cannot rebuild the power of his sovereignty, because it has been broken by the fragility of his male ego.


The fragility of a male ego is the source of Haman’s downfall, when not only will Jews not kneel to him— not only does his greatest enemy become honored by his King— but his own wife degrades his weak attempt to maintain his power. We now know that Hitler began his assault, after asking a nice Jewish girl out for a date, and she refused.


The whole story of Purim is about how men attempt to dominate women, but women (through men’s desires) actually dominate men, and because of that, the SOVEREIGNTY of human governments, under God, is not established. It is established under the fragility of lust.


This is why, foundationally, the value of circumcision, when it is in its correct spiritual-place, is inviolate. It is a simple fleshly-reminder, that your penis belongs to God first, Creation second, your wife third, and your kids fourth. It declares your male ego UNDER GOD, and places your power under the Lord of Creation, thus declaring— whether it a small empire you wish to build, or a whole nation, or a little business to scratch out a living—that you are Providentially Protected, by your relationship to a Power greater than all powers (including your wife.)


There is no greater Power than THE Power. But, tell that to our bodies, which are tugged to sexual union, far more passionately than we cling to the YOKE of God, as the rabbis describe it.


To place the power of our lusts and our greeds— the yetzer ha-ra– our “tendency to do evil”— sub-ordinate (ordered beneath) God— is the purpose of circumcision, and the solution to all political mayhem caused by excessively testosterone-driven egotists.


Surprise? No. That’s why after the Tower of Babel, Abraham was raised up— so that a nation would serve God, not its own power.


Read the story of Esther very, very carefully. And, if you dare, look at your own love life, your own marriages. Can you see the idolatry, where your conscience and your ego is driven by the other person (and your need for them bodily)?  Can you rectify your relationships, and establish your personal sovereignty-under-God?


Purim demands that we remind ourselves of the ludicrous costumes we wear with each other every day, the ego’s dress– which distort the intimacies, and which create a human comedy of our sexual desires— and the tragedy of a profane history, to the utter destruction of all GOOD (God) and all Peoples of Good (such as Israel).


It’s very important to not just enjoy the frivolity of Purim, but

to end the personal farce in our lives.


It is so terrible, that alcohol is needed as a lubricant, if not a medication. No wonder it is a part of the holiday tradition.


Please— read the Megillah CAREFULLY. It is a masterpiece of mysticism!!!  It will teach you more about Kabbalah than, I think, any scripture there is!!


Blessings to everyone.