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“White People”

Are White People Superior?


As I sit in my armchair, completely amazed by the fact that the Nazi Swastika, and all its values, are still being seriously considered as human truth— and as I hear grown adults shouting “Jews cannot replace us”—- I must reflect a bit on the Swastika.


First let me say, all the shenanigans in Charlottesville, have indeed convinced me that White People are absolutely superior— when it comes to making fools of themselves.


Also, I’m not worried about Jews replacing so-called “White people”. After all, at a mere 1% most of the population, there are not enough of us go around. I’m more concerned about the fact that there are a lot more non-Jews around, and in fact, we can more easily be replaced. This is commonly called “assimilation”. So, “Gentiles cannot replace us”, I think is a legitimate chant, however equally-undignified, and bigoted, it might sound.


So, back to the Swastika. And the claim of the superiority of White People.


I’d like to reflect upon the Indian/Vedic legend of there being, at one time– in the oldest religious culture on Earth–  a race of blond haired, and blue-eyed, Aryans. Yes, that’s where Hitler got it from, with a little help from Madame Blavatsky, and all the theosophists and occultists from the 19th century.


That’s also where Hitler got the Swastika, however, his Swastika went clockwise, not counter-clockwise.


Now, these things are very significant, and the place of the Hebrews on the religious historical continuum is critical here. It is, no doubt, why we continue to attract “Aryan” issues, as if we are a “FIRE WALL” against them.


The Vedic (pre Hindu) culture was very much naturalist. Nature was considered to be God. Since form follows spiritual, it would be perfectly understandable, if not predictive, that the height of natural evolution on the earth, might APPEAR to be, the blond and the blue-eyed. After all, the hair would mirror the sun. The blue would mirror the sky.  The heavens would appear to be concentrated in the blond-blue-eyed human, as opposed to the darker-toned, who would be more earthly.


This is, of course, if “sky” is heaven, and “earth” is ground”. It’s a bit of a primitive notion.


But, cobble this with the fact that Western Civilization was often

white— it might easily have seemed to poor Adolph, that the natural TELOS to which human civilization is tending, which is the re-integration of ego-mind and nature (i.e. the Garden of Eden, healed), would therefore tend to the Teutonic/Nordic— as the actual healing of the world, if not, conceptually, “Christ”. Darker people would be subhuman relative to the “Aryan”.


And of course, since Hitler’s vision was not merely naturalist, but also historical, which he inherited from his Christian-Jewish roots, it made perfectly logical sense to reverse the counter-clock wise motion of the Swastika, and make it conscious, not unconscious, historical, not merely naturalist.


This is a lot of strange mythic “truth”, if you can call it that— for no one has ever actually SEEN an Aryan, or met one. It is almost as though there was a vision of the “hosts” concretized as “gods”, from which all the other varieties of mere mortals descended in a “fall from Grace”. It’s like Adam was blonde and blue eyed, and everyone else was a fallen-shade darker.


The important thing— indeed the critical thing is this:


The Hebrew viewpoint stands as the BASTION against this kind of racist naturalist-mythology. First, we do not worship the hosts. We are forbidden to. The sun and the moon are not gods and goddesses, but are simply luminaries placed there. Genesis demotes them.


Secondly, we do not worship earthly nature as the singular expression of Divinity on earth. Our culture is not merely naturalist.


Our culture is also materialist, ego-based, and historical. This does not deny the value of the natural: indeed, we retain our Shabbat. We have our solar calendar INTEGRATED with a lunar calendar, both male and female aspects.  Hebrew culture simply requires that the natural, although a creation of God, must give way to human nature and our free will and dominion, radah, in Hebrew.


In short, we are not sub-ordinated to nature, nature is sub-ordinated to us.


Now, in this era, when the popular culture is calling for a “return to Nature”, with a depreciation of material industry, and all the “male” advancements of civilization— so called “tree hugger” mentality— that there might be an attempt to bolster (however ignorantly and violently) the Western-white-egoist force, against the excessive “hippie” naturalist element is understandable.


That the Jew would get messed up in this is understandable, since in the Pauline dialectic, Jews are identified with “the body”, i.e. nature.


But, we are not “of the body”. This is a lie!!! Our covenant goes way beyond the body.


The fact is, all these ideations are borderline psychotic, and yet, there is a certain measure of a larger truth that these ideations represent.


The fact is, human civilization longs to have its full play of ego, so as not to be merely restricted to the natural, like birds and bees. But, the fact is also, human civilization also must have the full support of nature on earth, or, we will destroy the air, the water, and the food supplies that keep our physical body fit and healthy.


The fact is also, that it is not the mere “naturalist criteria” of “sunlight” and “sky”, that measures the illumined man. We Jews

maintain that there is a SOUL, from a God that may include but is not merely earthly nature.


The SOUL of a black person or a white person, doesn’t have a pigmentation. The SOUL is not the SOL (i.e. the Sun).


What we are dealing with in this Nazi resurgence is a dangerous confusion of earthly naturalist criteria with spiritual imagination, and a terrible mixture of this with Western arrogance and economic militarism— once again— tied back to the dangerous myth of Christianity, that the Jew is the enemy (or primitive remnant) of Christendom, i.e. all civilization.


Yes, indeed, White People are superior. At being dangerous fools.


Let me be frank and cut to the point: If this movement strengthens— I hope we will take a lesson from history.


Take up arms, and in the name of God, wipe out

these “inferior souls.” (LOL!!!)


Blessings to all.